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May 22 2020

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Sinful in orange
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Waterfalls in the Valley, a short story by Shanica.


Tristan walked over to the window and reflected on his noisy surroundings. He had always loved grey Newton Abbot with its boiled, black beaches. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel lonely.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a vile figure of Nadine DeVito.

Tristan gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was an energetic, thoughtful, cocoa drinker with spiky warts and charming arms. His friends saw him as a hungry, huge hero. Once, he had even revived a dying, puppy.
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January 25 2020

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Underwater zombie attack. It's the stuff of nightmares. Here, it happened while playing Minecraft and searching for buried treasure near the edge of the sea. These guys have a very nasty habit of sneaking up from behind you.
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Afternoon in the forest.

June 10 2019

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So much can happen down by the barn.

I have a collection of essays and poems of thoughts and observations from the barn.

One of the greatest children's stories ever written took place almost entirely in a barn. You know which one I'm talking about: Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.
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Abstraction in black and white.

I'm thinking of a short story that I will call, Abstraction.

No surprise here: it will be a very abstract story. It will take place in London, where the son of a butcher struggles with his math homework and a dark, dark secret.

April 26 2018

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Just a girl...in a hat
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In a galaxy of pain, in a time of danger and prophecy, five engineers seek justice. In a world of fear and illusion, an acrobat battles the forces of hell. In an insane empire of lost souls, in an age of mysticism, an archer searches for the canopy of truth.

These are their stories.
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San Francisco is a beautiful city and a wonderful setting for stories.
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I want to write a story about a priest who has three arms and collects rare books and scripture. The theme of this story: satirical transformation. The main character: open-minded priest. The major event of the story: compromise.

I think it will work.
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Several simple story ideas to consider. All of them based on classic tales but with twists.

The legend of the Flying Dutchman being about a group of detectives.

The story of Dante being about a group of network engineers.

A fusion of the story of Oliver Twist and the story of Buddha.

The story 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court' being about a group of psychiatrists.

The tale of Rip Van Winkle envisioned as a historical reenactment tale.

The legend of the Phantom Hitchhiker envisioned as a modern-day supernatural horror tale.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow set in a dark alley.

The story of the Shui Hu Zhuan envisioned as a rags-to-riches cyberpunk tale.

The legend of Theseus and the Minotaur being about a group of airline pilots.

The story of Tom Sawyer envisioned as a psychological for-the-ladies tale.

The story of Noah set in an TV studio playing anime dubbed in English.

The legend of Orion envisioned as a coming-of-age tale.

The legend of Ilmarinen set in an arcade.

The story of Buddha set at a bookstore.

The legend of Hercules being about a group of zookeepers.

May 26 2017

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This Love is Quiet But It's Hideous

In The Style Of Taylor Swift

We were both ugly when I first saw you.
You grow a pair and the flashback starts:
Tesco's is where I'm standing in the Tuesday air.

What are you doing with that new lover?
Who wears that smooth jumper,
When I wear an amazing pinafore,
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you're looking for is my sharp arm pits.

So this is me crashing, 
Standing in front of you saying, "I'm sorry!"
And I go back to Tuesday all the time.
It turns out freedom ain't nothing but skipping busily,
Wishing I'd realized you are really a vampire.
I'd go back to Tuesday, turn around and do some crashing.
I go back to Tuesday quite often.

Dearest, let's do some bouncing,
This love is quiet but it's hideous.
It's a love story, dearest,
Just be my chewy blue bottle.

We are never ever ever going to try prancing casually together,
We are never ever ever going to try prancing casually together,
You go talk to your mate, talk to my partner, talk to me,
But we are never ever ever ever going to try prancing casually together,
Just bashing defiantly forever.

I'm sorry dearest, I'm sorry.
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Cowardly Zach Williams

Forest Greenway was thinking about Zach Williams again. Zach was a cowardly bear with handsome toes and ample toenails.

Forest walked over to the window and reflected on his crowded surroundings. He had always loved dirty Athens with its leaking, large lakes. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel unstable.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a cowardly figure of Zach Williams.

Forest gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a spiteful, witty, tea drinker with vast toes and sticky toenails. His friends saw him as a thankful, talented teacher. Once, he had even jumped into a river and saved a creepy blind person.

But not even a spiteful person who had once jumped into a river and saved a creepy blind person, was prepared for what Zach had in store today.

The wind blew like laughing dogs, making Forest stable. Forest grabbed a solid sausage that had been strewn nearby; he massaged it with his fingers.

As Forest stepped outside and Zach came closer, he could see the unnatural glint in his eye.

"I am here because I want a resolution," Zach bellowed, in a forgetful tone. He slammed his fist against Forest's chest, with the force of a flock of angry humming birds. "I frigging love you, Forest Greenway."

Forest looked back, even more stable and still fingering the solid sausage. "Zach, I ate your puppy," he replied.

They looked at each other with surprised feelings, like two rabble-snatching, ripe rabbits talking at a very kind bar mitzvah, which had drum and bass music playing in the background and two brave uncles running to the beat.

Forest regarded Zach's handsome toes and ample toenails. He held out his hand. "Let's not fight," he whispered, gently.

"Hmph," pondered Zach.

"Please?" begged Forest with puppy dog eyes.

Zach looked sad, his body blushing like a barbecued, brawny book.

Then Zach came inside for a nice cup of tea.
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I have a few more short story ideas that I'm working on.

When a child turns 11, he meets his crack addict father for the first time. What does his father give him, and what does the child do with it?

A couple discovers their son was accidentally switched at birth with another family. What is the other family like, and do they end up swapping children?

An old woman has suddenly developed a strange hobby. What is it, and how does in put her in conflict with her neighbors?
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I think these three story ideas are intriguing. They all loosely reference Minecraft in some way.

A professional Minecraft player travels to an European capital to play in a knock-out tournament with some of the world’s best players. Who does he meet that betrays him, and what does he learn about himself and his odd collection of Minecraft maps?

A ballerina has a long-lost father come back into her life after they play Minecraft together on the Web. What surprise does her father reveal about her mother, and how does it affect her competition for the lead role in Swan Lake?

A heartbroken husband chases his cheating wife through a Minecraft world at night. What does he keep shouting at her through the chat system, and why doesn’t she want to be with him?
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A few more short story ideas to share...

A stay-at-home mother with twin newborns worries that a neighbor is stalking her. What makes her call the police, and how is her life threatened?

A woman in her 50s must explain to her younger sister why she ditched their family many decades ago. What is her secret, and what surprise does the younger sister have to tell her?

A young woman haunted by the people jumping from the World Trade Center meets someone who was in the towers that day and escaped.

April 14 2017

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Punch of a Phantom Cat
A Paranormal Romance

Annie MacDonald suspected something was a little off when her energetic honey tried to punch her when she was just six years old. Nevertheless, she lived a relatively normal life among other humans.

It wasn't until she bumped into the devilishly popular phantom cat, Michelle Sparkle, that her life finally began to make sense.

However, Michelle proved to be peculiar and seemed to have an unhealthy obsession with swimming. Annie soon learnt that Michelle had taken an oath never to polish a human being.

When Annie's energetic honey is injured in a boating accident, Annie realises her own life is at risk.

Despite Michelle's dangerous sword and angry eyes, Annie finds herself falling for the phantom cat. Only fate will decided whether she kills or protects her.

One night, a vampire appears before Annie and warns her of a darkness within Michelle. The vampire gives Annie the ripped razor - the only weapon that can defeat a popular phantom cat.

Will Annie find it in herself to kill the only creature who has ever made her feel truly afraid? (Hint: yes!)
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Tactless Vampire
A Screenplay


Popular fishmonger LADY CHARITY SUPERHALK is arguing with funny navigator DR JOSH LAKEMAN. CHARITY tries to hug JOSH but he shakes her off.

Please Josh, don't leave me.
I'm sorry Charity, but I'm looking for somebody a bit more brave. Somebody who faces her fears head on, instead of running away.
I am such a person!
JOSH frowns.

I'm sorry, Charity. I just don't feel excited by this relationship anymore.
JOSH leaves.

CHARITY sits down, looking defeated.

Moments later, delightful scout DI MICHELLE BLACKMAN barges in looking flustered.

Goodness, Michelle! Is everything okay?
I'm afraid not.
What is it? Don't keep me in suspense...
It's ... a vampire ... I saw an evil vampire squish a bunch of elderly gents!
Defenseless elderly gents?
Yes, defenseless elderly gents!
Bloomin' heck, Michelle! We've got to do something.
I agree, but I wouldn't know where to start.
You can start by telling me where this happened.
I was...
MICHELLE fans herself and begins to wheeze.

Focus Michelle, focus! Where did it happen?
Vasquez Rocks! That's right - Vasquez Rocks!
CHARITY springs up and begins to run.


CHARITY rushes along the street, followed by MICHELLE. They take a short cut through some back gardens, jumping fences along the way.


GRAHAM MEADOWS a tactless vampire terrorises two elderly gents.

CHARITY, closely followed by MICHELLE, rushes towards GRAHAM, but suddenly stops in her tracks.

What is is? What's the matter?
That's not just any old vampire, that's Graham Meadows!
Who's Graham Meadows?
Who's Graham Meadows? Who's Graham Meadows? Only the most tactless vampire in the universe!
Blinkin' knickers, Charity! We're going to need some help if we're going to stop the most tactless vampire in the universe!
You can say that again.
Blinkin' knickers, Charity! We're going to need some help if we're going to stop the most tactless vampire in the universe!
I'm going to need arrows, lots of arrows.
Graham turns and sees Charity and Michelle. He grins an evil grin.

Charity Superhalk, we meet again.
You've met?
Yes. It was a long, long time ago...


A young CHARITY is sitting in a park listening to some flute music, when suddenly a dark shadow casts over her.

She looks up and sees GRAHAM. She takes off her headphones.

Would you like some wine gums?
CHARITY's eyes light up, but then he studies GRAHAM more closely, and looks uneasy.

I don't know, you look kind of tactless.
Me? No. I'm not tactless. I'm the least tactless vampire in the world.
Wait, you're a vampire?
CHARITY runs away, screaming.


You were a coward then, and you are a coward now.
(To CHARITY) You ran away?
(To MICHELLE) I was a young child. What was I supposed to do?

I may have run away from you then, but I won't run away this time!
CHARITY runs away.

She turns back and shouts.

I mean, I am running away, but I'll be back - with arrows.
I'm not scared of you.
You should be.


CHARITY and MICHELLE walk around searching for something.

I feel sure I left my arrows somewhere around here.
Are you sure? It does seem like an odd place to keep deadly arrows.
You know nothing Michelle Blackman.
We've been searching for ages. I really don't think they're here.
Suddenly, GRAHAM appears, holding a pair of arrows.

Looking for something?
Crikey, Charity, he's got your arrows.
Tell me something I don't already know!
The earth's circumference at the equator is about 40,075 km.
I know that already!
I'm afraid of sausages.
(appalled) Dude!
While GRAHAM is looking at MICHELLE with disgust, CHARITY lunges forward and grabs her deadly arrows. He wields them, triumphantly.

Prepare to die, you tactless carrot!
No please! All I did was squish a bunch of elderly gents!
JOSH enters, unseen by any of the others.

I cannot tolerate that kind of behaviour! Those elderly gents were defenceless! Well now they have a defender - and that's me! Charity Superhalk defender of innocent elderly gents.
Don't hurt me! Please!
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't use these arrows on you right away!
Because Charity, I am your father.
CHARITY looks stunned for a few moments, but then collects herself.

No you're not!
Ah well, it had to be worth a try.
GRAHAM tries to grab the arrows but CHARITY dodges out of the way.

Who's the daddy now? Huh? Huh?
Unexpectedly, GRAHAM slumps to the ground.

Did he just faint?
I think so. Well that's disappointing. I was rather hoping for a more dramatic conclusion, involving my deadly arrows.
CHARITY crouches over GRAHAM's body.

Be careful, Charity. It could be a trick.
No, it's not a trick. It appears that... It would seem... Graham Meadows is dead!
Yes, it appears that I scared him to death.
MICHELLE claps her hands.

So your arrows did save the day, after all.
JOSH steps forward.

Is it true? Did you kill the tactless vampire?
Josh how long have you been...?
JOSH puts his arm around CHARITY.

Long enough.
Then you saw it for yourself. I killed Graham Meadows.
Then the elderly gents are safe?
It does seem that way!
A crowd of vulnerable elderly gents enter, looking relived.

You are their hero.
The elderly gents bow to CHARITY.

There is no need to bow to me. I seek no worship. The knowledge that Graham Meadows will never squish elderly gents ever again, is enough for me.
You are humble as well as brave!
One of the elderly gents passes CHARITY a gold talisman

I think they want you to have it, as a symbol of their gratitude.
I couldn't possibly.

Well, if you insist.
CHARITY takes the talisman.

Thank you.
The elderly gents bow their heads once more, and leave.

CHARITY turns to JOSH.

Does this mean you want me back?
Oh, Charity, of course I want you back!
CHARITY smiles for a few seconds, but then looks defiant.

Well you can't have me.
You had no faith in me. You had to see my scare a vampire to death before you would believe in me. I don't want a lover like that.
Please leave. I want to spend time with the one person who stayed with me through thick and thin - my best friend, Michelle.

You heard the lady. Now be off with you. Skidaddle! Shoo!
I'm sorry Josh, but I think you should skidaddle.
JOSH leaves.


Did you mean that? You know ... that I'm your best friend?
Of course you are!
The two walk off arm in arm.

Suddenly MICHELLE stops.

When I said I'm afraid of sausages, you know I was just trying to distract the vampire don't you?
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From Water to Mud

The light rustles in developing your feet
A celestial mist of poppies
Some stand but I entertain your broken glass like fountain!
Inside opaque sunburst orange water and translucent green threads!
The smothered iguana imbues inside the gleaming conglomerates!
I saw how mirrors are relaxed,
by the humble autumn
the steady dignity of the shoreline!

It was the night of the ostrich.

A homogeneous sunshine
of flower heads
It was the fortnight of the tiger
die me and let my substance persevere
wave of wave of muscles rolling down the sea.

March 17 2017

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Been thinking a lot about some story ideas. I think better when I've had 3-4 pints of Guinness. Hey, it's St. Patty's Day!

This is a tragedy with a strong theme of tolerance and the past versus the future. The story is about a smooth archaeologist and a stylist. It takes place in a village in North America. The return of an ancient evil at regular cycles plays an important role in the story.

This is an epic drama. The story is about a first contact specialist. It takes place in a town. The story begins with a compromise.

This is a tragedy. The story is about a talk show host. It takes place in a large city. The effects of extending lifespans is a major part of this story.

This is an epic about religion versus creativity. The story is about a group of circuit priests. It takes place in a pharmacy in Anchorage. World hunger plays a major role in this story.

This is a crime caper story. The story is about a detective who specializes in forensic screenshots. It starts in a village in Eurasia. The story begins with an apocalyptic event and ends with a shopping trip. The future of peacemaking is a major part of this story.

This is a crime drama with an emphasis on science versus religion. 

The story is about a group of committed fortune-tellers. It takes place in a psychologist's office in Nairobi. The story begins with a deception and ends with an accident. The issues of genetic engineering and its effects on society is a major element of the story.

The story is about a distant astrologer and a newscaster. It takes place in a planetary technocracy on a barren planet. A terrible monster and the need to stop it is a major element of the story.

The story is about six fortune-tellers. It starts on our world in a new magical age in a solar system of magical space travel. International crime plays a major role in this story.

This is a story about exploration. The story is about a life support technician. It starts in a military base. A magical accident plays an important role.

The story is about a student, an artistic pretender, and an arrogant duke who is best friends with an aged scuba diver. It takes place in a port city on a rocky planet. The crux of the story involves a spiritual experience. The blurring of the boundaries between man and machine is a major part of this story.

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